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Herdens offer process serving across the United Kingdom and further afield when required and are regularly instructed to serve a wide selection of legal, court and other important documentation on both businesses and individuals.

Our experienced process servers are familiar with the procedures and rules which apply to different types of process and ensure that documents are served correctly and in accordance with the relevant rules.


In the majority of cases attempts to serve the documents can be made for a fixed fee with standard service being cost effective and efficient, however where required service can be effected on an urgent or even same day basis.

Proof of Service

In all cases where service is effected a proof of service is provided in an acceptable format depending on the nature of the documents served and our client's requirements. In the event that service cannot be effected a report and / or statement can be provided setting out attempts at service so that an application can be made to court for substituted service.


Quotes for process serving are provided free of charge and on a no obligation basis. For more information and to have a chat about how we can deal with your specific case then give us a call or complete our quick and simple process server quotation form and someone will get back to as soon as possible.

Question & Answers

Which areas do you cover?

Herdens has process servers throughout the UK and can provide full coverage for service of documents in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We can also usually provide our services across Europe and around the rest of the world by special arrangement.

What documents can you serve?

We can serve any kind of UK court and legal papers as well as other important documents and notices that you need to prove have reached their intended destination. Common examples include court orders, statutory demands, bankruptcy petitions, winding up petitions, injunctions, divorce petitions and claim forms.

How fast are my papers served?

We aim to meet your requirements with regards to timescale, however there is obviously a cost implication for urgent service. For standard non urgent process serving we target a turnaround time of 7-14 days to allow us to attend at different times and on different days of the week. The fastest we have served papers is within 90 minutes from the time of receipt in our offices.

Who serves my papers?

Your papers will be served by a knowledgeable professional process server usually located close to the target address

How many attempts do you make to serve the papers?

We will usually make at least 2-3 attempts to serve the papers, however more or less can be agreed at the time of quotation and obviously this will usually alter the pricing as appropriate. The visits we make will be timed to increase the chance of a successful service.

When do you serve papers?

Our process servers are available to serve papers during the working day and also in the early morning, in the evening and at weekends. We will make attempts to serve the papers at the most appropriate and reasonable times to maximise the chance of successful service.

How do you calculate your charges?

The majority of process serving we carry out is done on a fixed fee basis. We do make additional charges for urgent instructions, collection of papers and swear fees. We are always able provide an estimate in advance of receipt of the papers and can agree special rates for bulk instructions and LSC funded matters.

We are funded by the LSC, can you serve papers for us?

We are able to provide our services at the current approved Legal Services Commission rates, however to ensure the viability of our services and to protect other clients from increased costs we do insist on a minimum fee which can be agreed in advance.

Are there any additional charges?

Where possible we try to work to a fixed fee which includes all mileage, telephone and postage charges. In some specialist cases however it is necessary to make additional charges and these can be agreed in advance of us receiving the documents for service. Examples of additional charges would be for items such as collection of documents, urgent instructions and swear fees.

How do I get the papers to you?

We usually accept the papers by post to our central administration office from where they are dispatched to a local agent for service. If we are not required to serve originals we can also accept instructions by e-mail and this usually ensures a quicker turnaround time. Finally if required we can arrange for the documents to be collected from your offices, a court or any other location.

Can you collect papers?

For a small additional charge we are able to arrange to collect the papers from your offices, a court or any other location prior to service. In some cases we can arrange for a process server to wait whilst documents are issue by a court.

What types of proof of service can you provide?

We generally provide a statement of service or affidavit of service, however we can also provide a certificate of service if you would prefer. In all cases the proof of service will be provided in a format which is acceptable to the court.

Can you serve papers in Scotland?

We are able to arrange for papers to be served in Scotland, however it should be noted that being a different legal jurisdiction, service of papers in Scotland can be slightly complicated and at times quite expensive, however we are available to guide you through the process. Parts of Scotland are also very rural and there might be a short delay before a Sheriff (official title for a Scottish process server) is available to attend at the target address.

Can you serve papers from abroad in the UK?

We are experienced in serving foreign process in the UK and have previously accepted documents from the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We will usually look to serve papers outside of the Hague Convention, known as "informal service", which is generally quicker, but Clients should be aware of potential problems relating to enforcing any judgements at a later date if that option is taken. Please contact us if you require any more information.

What information do you need?

We can usually work with very little information and quite often are only provided with a name and address. If does assist us however if any useful background information can be provided, particularly a description of the person to be served and ideally a photograph.

Can you serve documents outside of the UK?

As well as our network of experienced UK based process servers we are also able to call upon other agents located outside the UK as necessary. Please contact us or request a process server quote so that we can tailor a package to meet your exact requirements.

What happens if the target has moved on?

We will conduct discreet door to door enquiries at the time of attempted service and this is included in the fee. We can also offer a full tracing service for an additional fee if required.

What happens if I don't know where the target lives?

It is always best to serve private individuals at their homes, however we are able to serve them at their workplace or other location that they frequent if serving them at home is not possible. If you are unable to provide any information about where we might currently find them, before we proceed we will need to identify their current whereabouts using our tracing service.

Facts about process serving

‣ Nationwide coverage
‣ Fixed fees (or LSC rates) available
‣ Proof of service included (except swear fees)
‣ Visits at different times and on different days
‣ Urgent service available

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