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It has been reported that every day more than 750,000 new websites are created, there are 3.5 billion posts on Facebook, 400 million tweets on Twitter and 100,000 hours of video uploaded to YouTube. With all of the information that is out there, it is now more important than ever that you know how to obtain the information you require.

Web Searches

Herdens are able to utilise the power of the leading web search engines, including Google and Yahoo to uncover the information that you require which might not immediately be presented to the average user. Using our knowledge of deep searching we can often uncover web pages and documents which the authors may have assumed were long lost or forgotten.

Social Media Research

Most people now have some form of social media presence, with the most popular social networks currently being Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, however there are many more sites out there, catering for all sorts of different people and interests. We have the ability to search profiles from over 150 different social networks to reveal the information, pictures and videos which have been posted by users, their friends and other contacts.

Online Shopping

UK shoppers alone spend over £1,000 per person on average per year on online shopping, but how can you be sure that you are purchasing from a legitimate source? Herdens can assist with checking the identity and credentials of the online retailer, whether the purchase is through a web store or an auction site

Database Investigations

Every year Herdens invests a large amount of money to enable us to secure access to professional online databases which contain a wide variety of information on individuals and businesses around the world. The information is collated from publically accessible data, consented data and personal data and our systems are able to link the various databases together as part of a powerful system which outputs high quality information. The amount of information that can be obtained from this system in each case is dependent on the level of consent that you have obtained from the subject and the nature of the investigation.

Question & Answers

Do I need permission to carry out online searches on someone?

In general, what is visible in public is public and open information, the challenge is finding it. If people choose to put information about themselves online and not to use any privacy settings then that information is considered available and in the public domain. The only difference comes when searching the databases we have access to. The majority of information within them comes from publically accessible and consented data, however a small amount may have come from more restricted sources which cannot be accessed without a court order or the subjects permission. It is for this reason that it is important that we know and understand your existing relationship with the subject to ensure that we continue to comply with all relevant laws, whilst also obtaining the most information possible.

I have been using Google for years, why should I pay you to do this?

It maybe that you have the skills to search Google fully, but many people don't. Most people use Google and other search engines in a very simplistic way which allows them to show you what they want to show you rather than results which might be more useful. We have knowledge and experience which allows us to narrow search engine results of many millions of pages down to just a few relevant results. We are also very proficient at sorting through information and analysing the results to check that they are accurate and that the data is extracted fully. We can also often discover technical information about certain websites which can add substantially to an investigation and provide other enquiry routes. Is it worth your time giving this a go or are you better off employing the time of us as independent and experienced professionals?

The subject of the enquiry doesn't have any social media profiles or they are "locked down". What can you do?

It is very rare that adults nowadays do not have any online presence or at least one social media profile. In many cases they may be using an alternative name or alias and we are experts at uncovering these profiles and linking them back to the subject. In cases where a subject genuinely doesn't have a social media presence, we can still usually uncovered useful information online, but more than that we can often use social media to uncover information about them that others may have posted and identified them in.

Facts about internet research

‣ Uncover specific results within billions of websites
‣ Over 150 different social networks searched
‣ Protect yourself from online fraud and theft
‣ Online investigations can be quicker and more cost effective that field enquiries
‣ We have access to databases which collate data from a number of sources

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