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In the modern world there is so much information available via internet research and databases, people often wonder whether there is a need for an investigator to leave their desk. We however believe that in the right circumstances well planned and carefully carried out field investigations can gather accurate, detailed and useful information much quicker and more efficiently than any database search.

Door Knocks

The primary form of field investigations is the door knock. These can be carried out at both residential and commercial premises and can either be conducted discreetly or where appropriate information might be requested more overtly.


Discreet field investigations can be easily paired with all forms of surveillance either to compliment the findings of existing investigations or to help guide the direction of future enquiries.


During field investigations, both moving and still photography can be carried out and this can be used to establish the condition of property and to record any assets or individuals who are present on site at the time of the visit. When required we have covert and discreet recording equipment available to avoid arousing unwanted attention.

Facts about field investigations

‣ The original private investigation technique
‣ Can be used to quickly and efficiently obtain information
‣ Can be carried out overtly or covertly
‣ Easily paired with other investigation techniques such as surveillance and database research
‣ A report detailing the entire visit will be provided

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