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With the advancements in technology, the forensic analysis of computers and other electronic equipment is providing increasing amounts of high quality evidence which can be used to support investigations.

With many people now carrying smart phones, using satellite navigation equipment, enjoying tablet devices or simply using conventional PCs and laptops, the variety of devices which can be analysed is increasing on a daily basis.

Most electronic equipment regularly stores a digital footprint which may record device usage, messages sent and received, documents opened, websites browsed and possibly also the location the device was at when the action was taken. In most cases this information can be accessed, however this requires specialist knowledge and this is where Herdens can assist.

Question & Answers

Do I have to own the device you examine?

Without a court order, we are only able to carry out forensic examinations of devices which you own or have the permission of the owner to examine. Even then there are considerations about ensuring that the users privacy is not unreasonable compromised.

Facts about computer forensics

‣ Wide range of items can be examined
‣ Information obtained can be presented in court
‣ Data can usually be extracted without damage to the device

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