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At Herdens we work alongside other legal professionals such as solicitors and barristers, assisting them with supporting and developing their clients' cases and helping them resolve the issues they have.

Evidence Gathering

The main way that we assist our legal clients is with evidence gathering. We work on a wide variety of different cases covering virtually every aspect of law, including civil and criminal matters. Evidence is gathered through traditional private investigation including research, field investigations and surveillance. We also provide interviewing and statement taking services.

Process Serving

Herdens operate a large process serving division and can be relied upon to deliver all forms of legal and important documentation. We offer a wide geographic coverage and are willing to take on urgent and complex instructions.

Client Re-connection

The resolution of legal matters can sometimes take some time, during which clients may move and relocate, possibly without informing their legal advisors. In these cases we can help our clients reconnect with their missing clients ensuring a continuity of instruction.

Client Document Collection

The nature of how legal services are now provided means that solicitors and clients are not always based in the same locality. In this situation Herdens, through their nationwide network of agents, can help by collecting important and urgent documents from the client at a time to suit them and returning them promptly to their solicitor. At the time of the visit we are also able to complete identity and money laundering checks, including taking copies of supporting documents.

Unclaimed Client Funds

On occasions solicitors sometimes find that for whatever reason they have a balance in their accounts which is found to represent unclaimed client funds. In these circumstances we are able to attempt tracing of the client so that the funds can be correctly returned to them or otherwise in the event that we are unable to trace them, we can provide information which should allow the firm to apply to distribute the sums to charity.

Question & Answers

Is the evidence you collect suitable for use in court?

All of the investigations we carry out will produce evidence which is suitable for use in civil or criminal court as appropriate. Where necessary and of assistance to our clients we will also provide a confidential report to our clients which will discuss the evidence collected and how we believe it could be used within the case along with ideas and suggestions for an additional investigations as appropriate.

Can you contact clients in our name?

Whenever contacting a client's client we will usually identify ourselves and who has instructed us and the reason for our contact. If you would rather that there was no mention of Herdens, then by prior arrangement we are able to work on what is effectively a white label basis and will therefore identify ourselves only as representatives of your firm.

Facts about Herdens litigation support services

‣ We work with legal firms of all sizes
‣ Our investigators have experience of investigating cases from many different practice areas
‣ Wide geographic coverage for instructions
‣ Our agents are local to your clients so you don't have to be

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