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The most successful companies realise the benefits that engaging a private investigator in their business can bring them. With investigators allowing companies to save money, protect themselves from fraud and theft and maintain a competitive advantage, Herdens believes that all business, big or small should choose a professional investigator like us to work alongside them.

Employee Investigations

Whether recognised or not, a firm's main asset is often its employees. Whilst businesses work hard to reward and incentivise their loyal workers, there is always going to be a group of individuals who want more or do not work to maintain their employer's hard earned image.

Herdens can conduct comprehensive investigations into the actions of employees and regularly work with cases involving long term or regular absences, fraud & theft, misuse of company property and assets, breach of restrictive covenants and dissemination of corporate secrets and confidential information.

As well as providing an investigation service once a potential issue has been identified, Herdens can also offer precautionary background checks and CV verification for existing and perspective employees.

Corporate Intelligence & Due Diligence

Taking on a new customer or supplier, forming a joint venture with another firm, buying or selling a business or accepting an investor can be an exciting time for a company and the individuals involved in the transaction, however like most things in life it does not come without risk.

Herdens aims to minimise the risks in these transactions through thorough and detailed investigations of the other parties involved. Potential areas of concern may include the financial stability of others, the accuracy of accounts and financial information provided and whether others involved in the transaction have been truthful about their background.

We can also investigate professional advisors who have been appointed with a view to ensuring that there are no conflicts of interest which could adversely affect the deal.

Fraud & Theft Enquiries

Any business can become the victim of fraud or theft irrespective of how good their controls and procedures are. Criminals are constantly developing new techniques to defraud others and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

The risk of fraud and theft can be from an internal or external source and in some cases can be deeply rooted within a specific department or even within management. Whatever the situation, Herdens will work to locate the exact source of the issue and to collect evidence to prevent any further problems and to enable appropriate action to be taken against the perpetrators.

Intellectual Property Protection

Most companies have some form of intellectual property which they own and have probably spent many years developing. Whether it is a unique way of doing something, an innovative product or simply just their brand, it is sensible to protect this from those who might be looking to steal or damage it.

Whilst the theft or misappropriation of a physical asset is often easily detected and can usually be secured, the same cannot often be said about intellectual property. It is also usually easy to replace a missing physical item, where as if a competitor was to discover a firm's unique trade secret or an underhand manufacturer to use a competitors' brand without permission, the damage could potentially be catastrophic to the future trade of the victim.

At Herdens we have a wide variety of investigation tools at our disposal which allow us to detect, track and prevent intellectual property theft meaning that you can be sure that your trade secrets will remain just that - secret.

Question & Answers

Do other people or our staff have to know we have appointed an investigator?

We understand how sensitive it can be and how it might affect your reputation in certain cases if it became publically known that you were working with a private investigator. For that reason, wherever possible we always try to work as discreetly and confidentially as possible whilst still ultimately looking to achieve the best result for you. Any actions that we take or do not take on a case can be discussed and agreed with you in advance.

Having said that, publically acknowledging that you have appointed a private investigator can be sufficient to resolve many issues. This is similar to shops which have a security guard regularly on duty at the entrance to their store to deter theft.

We cannot be sure what exactly is going on or indeed whether there is something bad happening. Can you still help us?

Yes, we are very used to this type of enquiry. Sometimes it is just a hunch, other times it is an unusual experience or something that has gone against a usual trend that concerns you and simply can't be explained. When confronted with this situation we will carefully consider all of the information you can provide and using our experience will consider some potential scenarios that you might want to look into. We are then able to try some test or mini enquiries which with the aim of rooting out the cause of the issue, ultimately leading to a full investigation so that solutions can be put into place. Alternatively if nothing untoward is found you can rest easy knowing that it was just a one off thing and you can re-focus on what you do best - running your business.

We have been advised to speak to a solicitor about our issue, but don't want to go to the expenses without fully knowing what is happening, can you help?

This is not an unusual situation. Instructing a solicitor can be very expensive, particularly if you are potentially dealing with an open ended situation where costs could continue to increase. Whilst we are not legally qualified, we do have a reasonable knowledge and experience of the law and legal system in a number of different areas. Completing an investigation first could mean that you can look to resolve the issue without recourse to a firm of solicitors, alternatively it could mean that you can instruct a firm which deals with the specific issue and resolution you need to put in place and overall with a full report and evidence from us it could save the solicitor time in putting the case together should that become necessary.

Can you work with my solicitors (or other professional advisors) to resolve the problem we have?

Yes, we regularly work with solicitors and other professional advisors, such as accountants and insurers to ensure that there is an efficient resolution to our client's issues. All of the evidence we collect and the reports we prepare are ready for use in court meaning that we can often help save your other advisors time and this could save you money as they would usually charge a higher hourly rate than us.

Facts about corporate & commercial investigations

‣ Services available which ensure firms can save and retain money
‣ Precautionary investigations can be used as a risk management tool
‣ Investigations carried out discreetly & confidentially
‣ Specialist and experienced corporate & commerical investigators available
‣ Reputational risk considered as part of investigations and proposed solutions

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