0330 220 2353


Herdens can be contacted through a variety of methods, including post, telephone, e-mail or Facebook Messenger. Just choose the method that is most convenient to you.

Traditional contact methods

P.O. Box 706,
PE29 9LX.

Tel: 0330 220 2353


Contact Form

Rather than sending us an e-mail, if you just want to send us a quick message and ensure that we have your contact details so that we can get back to you, you can message Herdens directly through our contact form

Facebook Messenger

Question & Answers

Why does Herdens use a P.O. Box address?

We operate a P.O. Box address for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is a level of security provided to our staff as our physical location is generally not available in the public domain. Utilising the P.O. Box address additionally allows us to secure our incoming postal communications as the Royal Mail will securely hold the post until it is collected by an authorised member of Herdens staff or delivered to a secure address. Finally we operate the P.O. Box address as part of our disaster recovery plans, as using this address allows our post to be securely held until it can be collected and this arrangement continues irrespective of our ability to access our main physical office location.

How much does it cost to phone Herdens?

Our 0330 phone number costs the same to phone as any phone number in the UK which starts with 01 or 02. When you phone our number from a UK phone, if you have an allowance or bundle of minutes, calls to our number should be taken from any remaining allowance that you have.

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